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MAIA Contemporary

Established in 2017, MAIA Contemporary gallery based in Mexico City showcases the work of both established and emerging artist. Offering a broad spectrum of ideas and practices.


MAIA aims to present work in a space that is approachable and engaging.  Our gallery space is located in the heart of Mexico City´s vibrant Roma neighborhood. Encased in a monumental “Porfirian” house, our 3700 ft square space divided in two main rooms showcases a yearly program of well-established local and international artists that are pushing the status quo as well as young emerging artists.


We look to create unique immersive experiences in our gallery space as well as pop up locations to engage a further dialogue and participation between the spectator and the works.


Our curatorial approach seeks to present exhibitions that are bold and original. Artists that are visually unique and that investigate ontological themes that challenge the audience.

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